Saturday, May 5, 2012

change in plans?

if any of you guys are or know cosplayers, you may know how fickle they are with cosplan... hehe these people who plan for cons a year or two later... i don't  even :C

well one of my cosplan for AX has changed (this is like the second time it has?? ... at least its the same character this time haha =w=;;;;)

instead of the default S.T.A.R.S. uniform yoko has in the PV, i'll be working on maid ver. yoko >w< (that is if the plans don't change eheeehhh)

for me, the design is a bit more appealing to me and definitely easier to make~

the only problem for me would probably be tracking down a proper wig for her... i've just sent in a wig order recently ;0; reminds me that i still have to order contacts soon... T^T

i'll also be opting to cos Howl from howl's moving castle on day 2~ oUo blonde version, first outfit along with my friend who is going to be doing the dark-haired version, and maybe we'll even have a sophie to cosplay with >w<

anywho, for my reference i'll put a couple of images of the outfits down here (i got them off of google images, they don't belong to me!)

full body refs are rather hard to find ;;

the back of his coat seems to be blue~

his earrings... fff //non-pierced here ;3;

kekeke i'll be off then loverlies~ (in the middle of organizing a group contacts order... writing this post made me get off my bum and do it eheee) 


~beni K

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