Monday, May 14, 2012

updates & minishoot

blehh i'm feeling pretty crappy right now, recurring lower back pain and all around ickyness in the chest/abdominal area.

might be going into one of my short bouts of depression again well derp >A>

anywho, aside from the self-pity and moping around, i was able to shoot with my friend emily for a HoTD preview mini-shoot. thanks to her again for getting the prop for me and shooting/editing the photos.

although the shoot was only something like 15-30 minutes (rushed on my part since i had to leave early) i was able to learn and notice a few things about the costume as a whole, including adjustments that need to be made on the bow, the bokken, and everything as a whole owo plus we were able to get a few good shots down, not too bad considering the time constraints keke... all in all, i'm really pretty excited to cosplay saeko with emily as saya for AM^2... not to mention tearing into the costume and gore-ing it up ^0^~

the photos are here and going to soon be posted to my dA; make sure to go view them there too and comment/fave~

1 comment:

  1. great cosplay
    can we follow each other?
    i promise i'll follow you back
    i'm cosplayer too from indonesia
    yoroshiku ^_^