Monday, May 7, 2012

new cosplan: Akemi Homura + reference dump

yes i do realize i'm changing and updating my summer cosplans like mad, but i'm really excited about this one!! >w<

akemi homura from puella m-magi madoka magi... SCREWIT.... madoka okee ;3;

although i haven't even seen the anime yet, i'm still really excited, since from what i've read and seen, i really love homura's character and her outfit design... what i love even more... i get a cute little madokers to cosplay with >w< //i haven't watched it and i already have an otp

kekekeke madokers and homohomo ;V;

anywho, this post actually has a practical purpose for me; i'm currently in the process of gathering cosplay reference and researching the character. research would definitely be one of the first important steps in cosplaying a character, especially in this case, where i'm pretty new to the series *and* haven't seen it yet. either way, researching and looking for plenty of reference images definitely helps in understanding the character design and getting all those little details down oVo/// any who, i'll be gathering and depositing a bunch of reference images for myself, and hopefully a few of you guys out there might even find these useful ^0^///

i lucked out completely this time, though, since i remembered Kaika's post on her own homura cosplay, which i find to be extremely helpful in breaking down a somewhat confusing and complicated design (much more than it looks on first glance ;v;). this is the second time i've linked to her blog eheh.... OTL

here's another walkthrough, from an AC Paradise page, with a few tips on her shield, which was done with a few things that can be easily found around the house.

this one has a few notes about construction, as well as the tights which were rather confusing for me ;3;

a few reference pictures never hurt ^0^: (from google images; not mine)

shield references:
the product can be purchased here

side note: i just found the hgnsdlfkjdslfkj-cutest fan art ever... i'm reconsidering making a bow so i can hold it with my madokers and make really cute poses kekekeke >W<

well that's about it... for now... i guess that would be a small peek into how much goes into my cosplay process before actual construction begins oWo

till the next post, 


~beni K

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