Sunday, February 26, 2012

what i've been up to+updates

wahhh how to start... haven't written here in a while so i thought i'd update you guys on everything~

so to start off, recently a huge wig order i helped organised with a bunch of people came in, from a seller known as lucaille / xiaolaoshu1122 on taobao... to be honest, i love the quality for the price, but i've had experience before with this seller when she didn't send all of the items in... x~x"

gonna try alpaca or another seller next time o3o"

a couple of preview photos of some that i ordered:
derpy lavi test x~x

unstyled mikuo
ohh the lavi wig reminds me... i now have a lenalee to cos with me for a DGM photoshoot :D //ships yuvi still though

anywho... it seems like i'm meeting alot more cool people from cosplay... i feel so lucky ><"" new cosplans and events and wahhhhh...

AM2 cosplans: *ore no imouto- saori with joyce and yuu as kuroneko and kirino
*[possibly] KHR- dino (school version) with a hibari HEHEHE TEACHER AND  STUDENT HEEHEHE
*something else?? i'm planning something with a friend idk what though lol ;v;

OH and another thing that's more recent and i've been working on: matryoshka performance with members from my school's anime club TvT" auditions tomorrow and performance on friday... i'm so excited/scared eeek

some photo's from today's dress rehearsal (photo credits to emily, kristen, and angie):
awwheellll yuhhhh

what people think anime club does/what anime club actually does LOL

ubuu we so cool xD

awesome shot *^* can you see my thighs bulging from the exertion LOL ITS HARD TO HOLD THAT POSE XD

derpin with my babbu the cutie pres :3

lol that aside... we've been working on the dance/performance since the beginning of the year... hope it pays off ><"

oh, relating to dancing... i've been trying to learn the dance for renai circulation (for anime club's maid cafe?? LOL YES SO MANY ANIME CLUB ACTIVITIES HURRR) and lukaluka night fever cause i'm always luka duhhhh (LOL no i love the dance okay)


wahh i love the dancer huhuu =w=

anywhooo... back to school tomo... this weekend seemed too short =^=
gotta get down to business!

byebye lovelies~ <3


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

days and days and days

so tiring aaaa >.<"

i'm really bad with organising time properly so i always sleep late :(

feeling a bit depressed and moody lately... might be because i need to eat and sleep better. grrr...

anywho~ updates:

yesterday went out with a friend, joyce to go get fabric and cosplay things at the swap meet in our area... $5 cosplay shoes!! (haha my term for those insane heels that seem to be prevalent with alot of cosers xP)

these monsters make me so tall xD
the rest of the day was really fun >w> creeping, derping and all~

as for today... grrr monday.... but on the bright side, i got a wig from my friend who let me borrow it and help him cut and style it :D

//cue after-camwhore pics~

trying to look cool //fail
idk what that thing is doing in my mouth either xD
ay watchu lookin at bitch?! l:C
obligatory derp

for those of you wondering (out of the few that read this anyways xD) what the wig is for, i'm going to be trying out for the chocobit maid cafe coming up at desu-nation!~ hehe hope i get in >.<" wish me luck guys~

as for now, its pretty late and i'm feeling pretty tired and blah right now... one last thing that came up though.... even though part of what i've been unhappy about is drifting apart from people... something came up tonight that made me realise that the people who seem to be sticking by me... i'm really grateful to them *teary eyed* thankyou to everyone supporting me!! ;^; i will try to improve myself as much as possible!

goodnight, loverlies~