Sunday, January 29, 2012

Riverside Lunar Festival!!

I had the greatest yesterday at, as the title may suggest, the Lunar Festival in Riverside D:

In addition to the usual booths, parade, performances and food, there was also a cosplay gathering and fashion show, which I was so lucky to be able to participate in, along with joyceyuu, and eric(idk if he has a dA lul =w=")

in the morning, i headed over to joyce's house (i went and knocked on the door across the street from her house though... thank god nobody answered LOL). we both put on our makeup and cosplays there, and watched tv while waiting for our ride. my "big brother" eric arrived to pick us up and we got to riverside after a sleepy car ride (everyone in the car pretty much slept at 3).

getting to the event was pretty interesting, we had to walk a couple of blocks from the parking garage to get there (hello windy/hot weather, perfect for long wigs and black outfits). after walking around for a bit (trying to get something to drink), we settled down for a bit in the pagoda and enjoyed the cosplay meetup, snapped a few pictures and ect.

taken from google images

at around 3, the fashion show started, it was a really unique experience... i was pretty nervous when we were standing in line; my tummy was turning, but the time i spent posing was only like 10 seconds LOL.... i feel like i should have stood up there longer, and could have if i didn't go brain dead and run out of poses xux"

lol i didn't stand in place long enough for people to get decent shots xD

all of us derping... DERPUKA IS CONTAGIOUS D:
for those who do not know who derpuka is.... "orz

all of the cosers lined up at the end of the show
after the show we were able to meet up with more people, yuu's molesters buddies and take a few more photos :3

i'm just trying to be cute... ITS NOT WORKING OUT LOL

awww hellsss yeaaahhhh :D
riverside has such wonderful locations for photoshooting... i regret not being able to do more serious ones while there, and i really would like to shoot there later on :<

anywho, a bit after that, we headed back from the event, and bored but still hyper, me, joyce and yuu started making faces at drivers on the freeway. most of the people wouldn't even look over, but this one awesome person kept passing by us and would wave :D

dinner was really good... hot pot at AB shabushabu *Q*

the lovely couple <3

NOMNOMNOM lol you can see yuu doing the same thing in the background

his perspective xD
oh... and this... comment on yuu's pic..... QAQ

^^^^the story of my life

after we were all ate until no more food could be ate, we headed back to yuu's house and messed around for a while; and no, by messing around, we mean THIS:
our masterpiece

we headed to round 1 for a little while... and then mall hide-and-go-seek :D

then back to yuu's house for some more derping around... after all that, joyce and i were back at her house at like....2?? OTL

slept over, oh and i almost forgot... the great people who organised the event arranged for all the participants in the show (plus a few lucky screaming audience members :D) to have free t-shirts 
aw hell yea :D

cute, no??

anywho, that's about all i have to say about yesterday; it was a really great and unique experience, and i really hope to do something like this again in the future :)

=PHOTO CREDITS (in no particular order)=
*google images*

and now, time to go tackle my huge thing of homework woooo 8D

bye lovelies~ 


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