Tuesday, January 24, 2012

happy chinese new year!~

weeeee i love eating extreme amounts of food... the only thing that bothers me a little bit is that in my family (idk about others) we stuff a few of our dumplings in each batch with a coin, for good luck and not nutritional value, of course. i got three in a row though... total 4-5 coins; i guess i'm really lucky, but dangit those things are not fun to bite into when you're hungry =m="

haha anyways, i haven't been super active up here, but i promise to post more often!! D:

not that anyone reads this lolololol

just a meme that i did recently, no life wut xP
my unflattering facial expressions FTW!! 8'D
blank meme credits to ChikaraSan @deviantART,com
aaaaannnndddd that's about it... hopefully i get off my lazy butt and post more WIP's up here soon... hurdurrr

bye lovelies!!~


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