Thursday, January 12, 2012

Anime Los Angeles 2012

So... as the title may suggest, I went to Anime LA (ALA) last Saturday at the Marriott near the LAX. I had so much fun cosplaying with my two friends... it was my first con in four years and my first cosplaying experience at a con oAo"

What went down:
~arrived at a friend's house before noon to get dressed... lol my costume is so last minute.... i had to enlist their help in hot-glueing and safety-pinning a lot of it together xD
~started to run late since I left a part of my costume at home and had to go get it >.<
~luka & panty and stocking arrived at the con
~walked around for a while, met up with several really cool cosplayers and had a few photoshoots with some awesome photographers
~pikachu FLEW. i was so excited >w> 
... okay that sounded strange...the explanation
~some guy tried to sell us "e".... yeah i had no idea either until the guy just flat out told us he was trying to sell us drugs... k lol.
~more derping around, until we left at around 6-ish (it was dark and cold >m>)

Some pictures:
 from Nelson Castro 

photog: emily

the genius behind the flying pikachu.... HE THOUGHT I WAS A BOY THOUGH QAQ
 from emily

master roshiiiiiii!!! could you tell i was super happy??sexy dorky smile FTW
 from emily

another shot from my wonderful photog ems

gyuuuu me and ems' favourite shot! *A*

my two lovely companions... i have yet to find a group picture though.... NOT FROM THE SAME SERIES SOBBBB
thanks Nelson!

so that's about it... still trying to track down some of the photos that people took... if you have any, YOU BETTER HAND EM OVER i mean it would be nice to have a bit of help finding them... lololol

anywho, when and if i find anything new, i'll be sure to update here and... yeah~

hehe bye lovelies~